My guess is you have already tried talking to friends or family. You may have also vested time and energy into ignoring your problems and hoping they would just go away. Possibly you have even visited a doctor in search of a magic pill. Yet here you are. Is it finally time for a change?

Compassionate Grief and Trauma Therapy to Help You
Find the Hope in Tomorrow

My approach to mental health care is personal and non-judgmental. As a therapist, I strive to build real and sincere connections with my clients and take pride in helping people release the weight of their past obstacles and pains to become their happiest self. If this sounds like what you are needing, contact me and let’s talk about developing your road to relief. I offer in person, no-fee consultations giving you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about my therapeutic style.

Learn More About Who I Am

Hello! I’m Angelena, licensed professional counselor, aka healer of the most painful wounds. I help people who are exhausted from always “looking happy on the outside”, realize how much they are struggling on the inside. I support them in discovering that it is possible to heal from past pains and pave the way to the brighter future they deserve.

My own healing journey has given me an insight that can only be gained first hand. I know your path has not been easy, but change is possible and the rewards are tremendous! I believe that helping others learn their potential to survive and flourish through the greatest adversities has the potential to change our world. This is why I hope you will take the first step to your own healing and schedule a consultation today!

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